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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

27 days in Japan

This is quite an out-dated entry. But i still want to post it. Just to keep in writing all the fond memories in Japan. This time around compared to my first visit in 2002 is really a wonderful experience. Just to quote my frens said.. pale into comparison

Maybe because of the weather. Not maybe... main reason why it was so interesting this time because of the weather. Winter, snow, cold, numb, freezing, windy... you name it you got it..

I ve jotted somewhere what I did and where I went, but as usual I lost is somewhere. If not it will be like diary entry. Ini aku dok merapu meraban jer la.

Ok, just some pics I took... the wonderful fuji-san , shinkasen........... hmmm best lah.
Ok, i just stop here for a while.

Later i ll tell some other stories. and some other pictures.

jepun jauh di pandangan mata
tapi masih dekat di hati
wpun lala dah balik malaysia
ada hati nak pegi lagi...........