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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What a wonderful month

Alhamdulillah, Allah is so merciful.

Rezeki tahun ini agaknya.. i ve been rewarded the most glorious prestige award in Govt , apalagi APC ler... wpun tak seberapa, i m reallh grateful and thankful to Allah.

on the other note, Allah has bee so dear to me (double thankful), I ll visit foreign country again for official visit. This time around Sydney, AUstralia.

it will be only a short visit - a week, and i ll be going insyaAllah in 2 days time.

i ll surely update it here if Allah permits.

and I ll be leaving my 2 lovely kids in my parents hand..lega dapat arrange diorang balik kampung.

sangat bz.. infact, tiap2 hari penuh dgn keje, sempat lah jengok2 sikit Sydney forum... hopefully Allah permudahkan jalan dan cerita kami di sana.

opssss.... i ll be leaving with my hubby.... he paid for his ticket and the rest I ll belanja him... :)

gotto go..


nak ke money changer malam ni cadangnya nak tukar;
AUD 500 - RM 1523
USD 500 - RM 1611

hmmm.. tersangatlah rendahnya buying power org mesia ke ostrolia nih.... rm3200++ br dapat AUD1000....