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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

How long have i been away?

waaaaa.. is been quite long aay.
It is not because i m not connected to this world anymore but because i m bz with something else.
1st it was  facebook with all those online games and status updating . u name it, farmville, fishville, sorority life , social city, cafe world  i ve been there, done that, and get bored to death. Before it was like the whole family fun time when everybody including cik totet was like crazy , cooking, buying and farming ... hmmm after a month or two, nobody cares about it any longer. maybe u guys can see me updating facebook once in a while... but thats it.

hmmm on the other note, a friend introduced me to another world of madness. kdrama soap opera. first it only started as killing time while going thru SSR seminar in PD (march). ask her to copy 1 series that make herself  hooked to death, and i only had the time to watch it in april. and yo u know what..since then, i ve been nailed to kdrama. right now, all other drama (malay especially) pale into comparison.

so now what i ve been googling is all the korean actor and actress. ask me about lee min ho  and go hye sun or soh ye jin... i ll go ga-ga over them.

betul2 penangan boys over flowers. f4 fighting.
now am hooked to another kdrama that's  now currently aired life in korea. PT.
not to forget mentioning a whole new world of KBS in ASTRO. I was like shocked at 1st when my friend said, didnt u watch KBS? apa KBS? channel berapa?

well just to update other than my new madness,

- ma and abah finally get a chance to see rumah Allah again. lucky them. going there on early april and came back somewhere mid april. lots of stories behind it, with the most suck travel agent.. but alhamdulillah..semuanya dah settle. dan diorang pun dah balik kampung

- anak2.. masih anak2. abang doing mummy proud by being elected the youngest in school representing football . tak taulah simpanan ke, just water boy ke, tapi dapatlah pakai jersey sekolah... happy bukan main.
also sibuk berltih dikir-barat and also now serving as pengawas percubaan.

- cik totet, april ada parents meeting, she did not excel in her class. quite shy and a bit reserve in class. i wonder what happen to her. maybe budak2 lain paindai sangat kut. takpe lah dek, u just take your time and be happy ok.

my self..same old same old

ptk.. lepas lah

sign off now. has been here for 3 hrs. tunggu keter siap kat workshop.