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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

At last..penghujung 2006

I m really not into latest version laa... dont know how to switch from the old version of blogger to this new one. Luckily i manage to save my old blog. So terrified to see at manage my blog suddenly sooo empty with only one phrase..create account.. alamak..where is my HANYA UJIAN... godek sana..godek sini.. (tips for anyone who is as lost as me.. well have to go to FAQ, and searching for why i could not see my blog.. they ask you to enter your email address and have to verify that.. just follow the instruction, InsyaAllah your 'old' blog will re-appear.. )

ok lah.. just to keep my blog alive.. been very busy with all the chores over the dayas and weekends. pulak2 dengan setiap hujung minggu ada kenduri kawin la.. anak sedare bersunat la..2 birthday to celebret..no its 3. (my nieces & nephews) ( I ll put gambar alleef here hehehehehe), ma/abah dtg la.. by the way they are going to celebrate hari raya aidil adha here.. maybe in Atoi's hse since I have to pay my duty at Puchong... hmmmm. Really got no time to drop a few lines here.. Apart from the bzness, I manage to take one day off from the office, went to MAS office and have a shopping spree there with mak engku. eiii seronok sungguh di sana. tau lah kalau dah shopping tu. unluckily for me.. i dont have enuff Enrich points to redeem.. setakat RM200 jek apalah yg boleh dibeli... apa-apa pun, sempat jugak sambaq 2 model aircraft enWKH, 1 MAS-toy untu WKHJr dan mummy dia apa lgi, sambaq jugak la.. sebotol cartier.. 50ml, eau de toiletter jek.. smell nice.. aku perasan ler..

its office time.. have to stop here...

pergi mengail si ikan gelama

jangan pula di pakai tuba

tahun baru dah nak menjelma

harap2 yg lebih baik akan tiba