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Monday, December 24, 2007

Officially in a new place

Today is officially the mark of my new era, well in the letter it stated 17th Dec 2007. Hows the new place. I ve been questioning my self about this as well. Well maybe its too early to tell. Too eraly to really feel the ambience and the environment. So far, havent been doing anything yet. I haven t even get my working pass, my own place, no chairs, desk or PC yet. Worst of all, maybe I have to pay for my parking. No more parking availabel. Nasib tak baik tuh. They gave me 1 notebook but knowing me so lazy to carry benda to here and there.. dok terperuk kat rumah sajalah. Fortunately.. my big boss went overseas for 3 weeks and kind enuff to give me permission to use all his hartabenda kat sini. So here I am... sitting on his chairs, writing at his desk, using his PC, use his phone, use his room like bloddy mine.. and parking pun parking boss jugak... I got till mid January to setle all this... eh apa aku pulak... diorang lah buat something.

Have been boraking with my colleague about this new office. There are thigns that I ve to be really carefully.. interms of peronel here and also work wise. Harap2 dapatlah aku mencari rezeki di sini dengan selesa dan selamat. InsyaAllah Allah permudahkan segala urusanku.

Just wanna share my latest pics..

Friday, December 21, 2007

Kemaskini profail

2 bulan telah berlalu sejak blog dikemaskini. banyak benda yang berlaku sepanjang 2 bulan.

- my 6 yrs wira akhirnya berpergian jugak. banyak jasa kereta aku ni. tapi nak buat macammana bial dah berumur nih, macam2 maintanence nya. infact dah due utk overhaul/major service. so akhirnya di let go lah kereta tu. what do i get in return... hmmm hutang yang bertambah dan kereta baru. nanti dah ambik pic gambar baru akan dipost di sini.

- bertukar tempat kerja. alhamdulillah promotion. will also post about this later

- raya haji di puchong

- anak2 makin besar

- tanggungjawab makin besar

- iman makin nipis .. this i really have to do something about it