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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Setengah tahun telah berlalu

I am being sentimental.. donno why..must be the age factor...
Just wanna share with the world my latest pic of my dearest family.
By the way... ad for the activities going on rite now (other that world cup.. belum demam lagi.. and AF4.. demam selsema jek kut.. nothing exciting to watch..kalu dengan MAWI.. pale into comparison..heheheheh)
Balik dr Osaka..
April - gi Genting - abun & atoi sefamily
Mei - gi Port Dickson - abun & atoi sefamily
(diorang dah dapat keter baru... abun ngan innova & atoi ngan Gen2 nya...)
Jun - gi Pantar=i Sepat, Kuantan