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Monday, June 30, 2008

Doa untuk anak2 mami

Ya Allah ya Tuhan kami, kau ampunlah dosa anak2 kami. Kau panjangkan umur anak2 kami, tetapkan iman anak2 kami dan murahkan rezeki anak2 kami. Kau tunjukkan lah mereka jalan kebaikan dan jauhilah mereka jalan kejahatan. Hanya pada mu ya Allah kami minta pertolongan. Sesungguhnya Kau lah yang maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang........ AMin.

TQ elle la belle... cilok gambaq cuppies dr blog dia....

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My boy turned 7

left over cake semalam

goodies wkh jr utk kengkawan

wkh jr and cik totet kat alamanda esprit

dah 7 thn dan abang........

I got so distracted yesterday sampai tak sempat nak ambil photos untuk bday wkh jr yang ke 7. Buat pun kecil2an. Friday was his 'real' day. Yg bestnya hari tu dpt report card. Gi sekolah pagi... and well my boy dapat no 16 dlm kelas dan 68 keseluruhan. alahai anak mummy.

Saturday - ajak a few of his frens (yg juga ma/paknya aku kenal) dtg makan2. menu cam biasa, mee hoon goren, nasi impit sate dan nugget. kek pun beli yang ready-made kat bakers cottage dan cuppies dr elle-la-belle. Atendance was only 50%. so malam tu abun dan atoi dtg dan ku jemput juga geng2 pantai dalam dan puchong.

photo yang di snap-snappy ialah post-bday. sorry bang... mami stress semalam.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My new hibernating place

still not my own. but good enuff for me and de family.. here goes

been here for almost 3 weeks. still had a hard time to adjust with the new envio. my kids still dont have many friends to mingle. me myself got a few good neighbors (got 2 dish olredy from them), but still havent had time to go and chat.
yesterday , the water tank burst and my dining hall go wet all over. i m in the midst of meeting and luckily got the phone no of the maintanence guy. he manage to come after 15min and it seemed that something wrong with the pump. donno how much la my water bill this month. hmm.. i never reach rm15 per month previously.
maybe this week is not totally on my side. security wise, theres a few incidents and luckily my security team manage to solve the prob after 2 days of maintaining. i m also not feeling very well. must find time to do a full check-up la. my kids, both of them got ears infection. maybe from the 'crazy days' while in PD last week, or maybe there some 'hama' or what in the new house. last nite, i only manage to get 4 hrs sleep, pity cik totet.
hopefully things will turn a new leaf later...