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Thursday, November 26, 2009

My kids final exam

wkh jr got 13 th place. and ask me..
mami, mami kecewa tak dengan keputusan abang, abang dah usaha sungguh2.
well, if your son olredy said that, what more can u say not to break his heart.

my other little cute honey bunny got 2nd place and got a big present from her kindi. laaa... pandai gak anak aku sorang nih.

so as a mum, aku redha saja lah. it is not the result that matters anyway...........

From INTAN to Langkawi then Labuan and then MIRI and finally Kuching

Had my ptk 4 mid november

went for my dept bengkel in langkawi - took erl,train,taxi,ferry and rent a car.. berapa banyak public transport daaa....... and vice versa ....... budak2 had a great time though it was onl 3days 2 nite. took cabin and bed..so the journey was quite pleasant despite of long hours. in one of free duty shop, hubby bought him and me watches. tq dear.

my temporary maid came

went to labuan for a meeting. ok lah.. nothing much to see in labuan but i managed to grab a few sarongs and 1 little solitaire diamond ring for meself... hahahaha macam banyak duit.
jalan2 1 borneo..labuan - miri, went to miri city, just look and see only. others bought sarawak handicrafts and sarongs. should have bought 1/2 pieces.
then our flite transit pulak kat kuching...........

finally reached home sweet home.

alamak....... got 2 assignment and need to submit by next week. malas nyaaaaaaaaaaa
nak buat SWOT lagi.... and it have to be atleast 18 pages exluded of cover and table of content ... alamak apa aku nak goreng nih...