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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Family Day 28-30 May 2010

let the pictures speak

Happy belated birthday my dear wkh junior

i was supposed to write on the birthday it self (27 june) but due to unforeseen circumstances , i can only blog tonite during SSR rehearsal (at nite,..... unbelievable gomen olso conduct meeting at nite aay...)

we went to umbai with abun's family. bought a little cute cake (pics will be uploaded later). no  present this year abang. mummy wishes u the best in everything you do and we love u very much.

mid year exam result...
abang got 22 nd place in class, 29 in aliran with 2A and 3B result. kesian anak aku kan

adik... Bacalah Anakku Buku 6, Read and Easy Book 1, IQRAQ Book 1, Maths baru 1-10.... hmmm tak taulah dek.

i am still hooked to korean drama. when it's going to end... please help me

financial... still going to the drain. hardcore case

till later